Residency PROGRAM

Live on the farm. Support the farm.

The Urban Adamah Residency Program is an opportunity for young adults, ages 21 – 36, to live on site at the farm, build community with like-minded and hearted souls, and support the work of Urban Adamah through our work-trade program. Residents play a vital role at Urban Adamah by providing behind-the-scenes operational support, stewarding the 2 acres of our farm, and ensuring a warm, welcoming environment for all who come to visit. 

Imagine a time when you have felt particularly welcomed when invited into someone’s home. What made you feel welcomed? Was it your host’s attention to detail, the excitement with which they greeted you, the warmth that suffused their space? Often, it’s these intangible elements that leave the strongest impression. Just as a host sets the tone for their guests, so too do the Residents establish a sense of community, connection, and intention for all who come to the farm for programs, retreats, and events.

The Residency Program is currently full.


Here are some things we look for…


The Residency Program is situated in shared space between Urban Adamah Residents and Fellows. The Residency Program includes 3 fully furnished apartments: a 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartment. Currently, we are seeking to fill 1 room in the 2-bedroom and 1 room in the 3-bedroom. Room fees include furniture, utilities, internet, and laundry.

Resident work trade hours are converted at $25/hour. Current fee structure requires residents to work 18 hours/month, reducing their program fees by $450

* Note: The 1 bedroom apartment uses a shared bathroom that is connected to our greywater system. Only biodegradable, biocompatible, and/or nontoxic soaps may be used. 



Residents live on the farm and have free access to most of Urban Adamah’s community programs. Residents have the opportunity for hands-on farming with personal garden boxes outside of the residency building. Being in the residency is a chance to build intentional community with other young adults and connect with Jewish life in the Bay Area, at Urban Adamah and with our local partners beyond the farm.


Residents commit to completing 18 hours per month of work-trade at Urban Adamah in support of Urban Adamah programming. Residents will work as site hosts for Urban Adamah’s public events, site rentals, and retreats. This involves setting up the farm for events, greeting, registering, and orienting participants as they arrive, attending to the needs of the programs as they are happening, and cleaning up at the end of the event. The bulk of these responsibilities occurs during the evenings and on weekends, including Shabbat and Jewish holidays. While the Fellowship is not in session (January – August), residents also help with animal care and weekend farm chores.


Residents participate in mandatory semi-monthly community meetings (the cadence and timing is up to residents to determine). They collaborate to complete shared house and farm responsibilities (like cleaning shared spaces, taking out trash, weekend animal care, and scheduling residency community events, etc.). Residents also share in twice monthly community Shabbat dinners, with meal costs covered by Urban Adamah.

In addition to the residency program, we have a Fellowship program housed in the Residency building during the fall. To facilitate community building among the programs, residents are expected to participate in a monthly dinner with each Fellowship cohort.

We are accepting new residents!

We are currently looking to fill two spots in the residency program for a five-month commitment from February 1, 2024 through May 31, 2024.

 Application deadline is Sunday, December 31, 2023.

For questions about the residency program, please contact the Young Adult Programs Associate & Facilitator, Noam Green, at