For Your Group or School

FALL 2023 & SPRING 2024

We are currently scheduling group visits to Urban Adamah on a rolling basis!

If you would like to bring your school or organization to the farm during the 2023/2024 academic year, please read all of the details below and fill out our interest form when you are ready to book!

Each of our experiential programs is designed to foster connections — to ourselves, to each other, to the food we eat, and to the natural world. Drawing on the practices of sustainable agriculture and the richness of Jewish tradition, our programs integrate hands-on farm activities together with story, ritual, and song to create truly memorable learning experiences. We offer both Jewish and secular programs for groups of all backgrounds.

Most of our programs include age-appropriate farm projects — planting, harvesting, building, and animal tending — all of which contribute to the food justice efforts that Urban Adamah is making in the local community.

We welcome groups of all cultural and religious backgrounds and adapt programs to meet the needs of each group we serve. Since we opened our gates in 2011, we’ve run programs for almost 100 Bay Area Jewish and secular organizations and schools.

Learn all the details about our group programs below


Subsidized Programs


Public schools in Richmond and Oakland which have over 70% of the student population enrolled in the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program are eligible for a program free of cost, with transportation included.

 * Please indicate that you are eligible for a subsidized program in the booking form. 

**Please note, all of our Fall 2023 subsidized field trip slots have been filled. If you would like to be considered for a Spring 2024 subsidized field trip slot, please indicate that you are eligible for a subsidized program in the booking form.


  • $250 for 1 – 11 participants 
  • $450 for 12-22 participants
  • $650 for 23-33 participants

* Chaperones are included at a 1:5 ratio. If there are additional chaperones, they will be included in the participant count and will inform the total cost of the program.


  • We offer field trip programs on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, as well as one Sunday morning per month. Please see the booking form for available dates.
  • Programs range from 1.5 – 2.5 hours depending on your group’s age.
  • Programs are staffed at approximately a 1:10 ratio with farm educators.
  • Each program includes an all group learning session, opportunities for self-exploration and play in our engaging space, and a hands-on activity based on the chosen program theme. 
  • Programs can be adapted for Jewish or secular groups.


10:00 AM   Arrive & Opening                             Circle

10:15 AM   Poop is Power
                    A Farm Lesson on                            Animal & Compost

10:30 AM   Tomato Harvest &                             Chicken Time

10:50 AM   Snack & Water Break



11:00 AM   People Power
                     Salsa Making With                           The Bike Blender

11:35 PM    Chips & Salsa Party

11:45 PM    Closing Circle


Duration: 1.5 hours

Farm Helpers

Even small hands are powerful tools. Young children discover their ability to care for farm animals, grow plants, and build healthy soil. We cultivate curiosity, connection, and care by infusing our programs with songs, stories, and games that allow the farm to come to life in the best of ways.

Duration: 2 hours

Sun, Soil, Water, Air

Students will learn about the basics of gardening while getting their hands dirty in the children’s garden. While working on garden projects, they will engage with the elements and the natural cycles that help our food grow. 

Preserve the Harvest

We will discover centuries-old traditions of preserving agricultural bounty for future seasons – and even future generations! Students will learn valuable homesteading skills such as canning, drying, pickling, and more. Depending on the season, participants may even be able to harvest the food they preserve. 

Animal Friends

Meet the many animals who call Urban Adamah home— from chickens and goats to worms and insect pollinators. We will explore their habitats, tend to their needs and find out how the health of our human community is connected to the health of the community of animals around us.

Duration: 2.5 hours

The Wonders of Native & Medicinal Plants

Become immersed in the magic of Bay Area medicinal plants on our farm through plant identification, interactive games, and medicine making. We will harvest and dry our own herbs, and/or make tea, salve, dream pillows or other herbal treats. 

Art from the Earth

Become craftspeople and alchemists, creating beautiful works of art using natural elements found on the farm! Learn about natural pigments and create your own artwork from a choice of different modalities.

Farm to Fork

Take a delicious journey through the food cycle on our farm. We’ll learn about the growing habits and cultural history of different vegetables and herbs as we harvest from the earth with gratitude, using our own hands. We’ll take the harvest to our new community kitchen where we’ll explore some earth friendly technologies—a bicycle-powered blender, a solar oven, and/or a wood-fired earthen stove—and use one or more of them to prepare a farm fresh snack.

Jewish Food Justice

Discover how the tradition of peah has its roots in biblical agricultural laws requiring farmers to share their harvest with those in need. We’ll investigate these laws and experience the justice traditions of Jewish agriculture through creative game-based learning and hands-on work projects that support the growing of food to share freely with those in need at our community fridge and pantry. 

Community Care

Contribute to the work Urban Adamah does by participating in farm work (planting, harvesting, weeding, etc.), cooking, or creating herbal medicine for the community fridge and pantry.