The Produce

The Urban Adamah campus is a place of food abundance.


Our Food

From incorporating edible plants into our landscaping, to dedicating a majority of growing spaces to annual vegetables and fruits, we harvest food from our land throughout the entire year. We have a fruit orchard and multiple berry patches. Edible vines, fruit trees, and culinary herbs can be found in all corners of our site. Our heritage hens provide farm-fresh eggs.

At the fences and borders of our property and along the edges of our food-growing spaces, we have also planted a vast array of native plants, medicinal herbs, and perennial flowers. These perennial borders and edges provide habitat and nectar that attract and host important pollinators and beneficial insects that aid in fruiting and help combat damaging insect pests. They also add color, beauty, and wildness to the farm and are even used on occasion for cut-flower bouquets.


We grow our food as a labor of love to increase access to nutritious food and cultivate community. We harvest an abundance of produce each week and donate 90% of what we grow to those in our community

Join us on the farm!

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