The farm will be closed for Passover on April 23, 24, 29 & 30. Chag sameach!

Join us on our urban farm oasis and let our experienced program and event team help bring your special event to life!

Abby Porth

Bar Mitzvah

“Urban Adamah was a beautiful, relaxed environment for a great evening of games, smoothie bike blending, dancing, and s’mores by the campfire. It made for a memorable evening for our family and friends.”

Susan Berrin

Community Gathering

“I had the pleasure of hosting a community gathering this past summer at Urban Adamah. From the initial email, to the very day of the party, I was met with reliable, enthusiastic, prompt and great service. The venue is spectacular.”

Raia Manjula

Wedding venue

“Our wedding day was infused by the magic and spirituality of Urban Adamah. We felt so loved and cared for by your team in a way that we would never have received at a typical wedding venue.”

We are excited to host your group at Urban Adamah!   

Conveniently located in the heart of the East Bay, our thoughtfully-designed structures and lush gardens provide an immersive landscape for your unique experience. 

Please note, our site is available to 501c3 and fiscally sponsored organizations, as well as private individuals. We are not able to rent to for-profit organizations.

Our Facilities


This 750 square foot structure can handle 50 for a workshop or 25 for a yoga class. The Yurt is a fully conditioned space.

Retreat Lodge

The Retreat Lodge sleeps up to 54 guests, has two program spaces, and is adjacent to our Community Kitchen, large program tent, and yurt.

Main Field

Divided into four quadrants, the Main Field produces the majority of our produce on the farm. It is cared for and rotated seasonally by the Fellows and our Farm team.

Great Lawn

Made from AstroTurf, this roughly 2,000 square foot lawn is a versatile spot that can be used as a gathering space or for an array of outdoor activities.


Administrative offices.


Our fruit orchard features 30 trees and contains a small seated gathering area for up to 15 people.

Main Tent and Annex

This 900 square foot structure has the look and feel of a Moroccan gathering space. Can seat up to 130 lecture style or 100 for a seated dinner. The tent annex increases this space by 50%.

Propagation Greenhouse

We use this greenhouse to grow the majority of our plants from seed. Here we sow seeds, protecting and keeping them warm until they are ready for planting.

Aquaponics Greenhouse

This commercial-size greenhouse houses our state-of-the-art Aquaponics system which uses nitrogen-rich fish poop to fertilize crops.


Restrooms and showers for campers and others.

Children's Garden

Designed for the littlest ones. A cob fort, hidden mulberry bushes, and a wild creek bed offer delight, adventure, and awe around every bend.

Community Residence

This building serves as the home to our young adult fellowship during the summer and fall. From December – May, however, it is available for rent.

Native Swale

This water catchment system collects the runoff from our site and hosts a variety of drought-tolerant California native plants, including pollinators, and medicinal herbs.

Community Kitchen

A fully commercial vegetarian kitchen (fish is an exception). It’s all stainless steel and easily kasherable.