Tyler Sinclair

Retreats & Celebrations Director
510.649.1595 X 109

In our increasingly atomized world, one of my favorite things is bringing people together for meaningful, memorable, positive experiences in real life. Whether through a meal, a celebration, or a multi-day immersive retreat, fostering opportunities for people to connect and make memories brings me joy and purpose. Thankfully, I get to do that every day in my work at Urban Adamah.

Prior to Urban Adamah, I’ve pursued a wide range of interests in Portland, Oregon, New York City, and throughout the Bay Area. I’ve had the adventures of being a restaurateur, a therapist, a teacher, a coach, and a music salesman. Through it all, I’ve sought to move with kindness, integrity, creativity, and the curiosity to continually ask, “what if?”

When not at the farm, I enjoy swimming in lakes and rivers; hiking; looking at the world through my toddler’s eyes; reading; making music; building things out of wood; and cooking meals with friends.