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Analucía Lopezrevoredo

Dr. Analucía Lopezrevoredo is a Peruvian-Chilean-Quechua-American Jewtina, born in Peru and raised in Spain and the United States. An anti-oppression activist, educator and researcher, Analucía founded Jewtina y Co. in 2019 to offer Latin Jews from around the world a platform in which to celebrate and engage in critical dialogue about Jewish and Latin multiculturalism. Prior to starting Jewtina y Co., she worked at JIMENA, OneTable, the Center to Advance Racial Equity in Portland, Oregon, and organized as a migrant rights advocate in California’s Central Valley, southwestern México and southeastern Perú. Analucía’s educational background lies in critical race and cross-cultural studies, and her doctoral research was centered around Latino immigrant and refugee resiliency. She is the recipient of the National Young Woman of Distinction award, is a former Fulbright and Rotary International Scholar, sits on JDC Entwine’s Council, is a member of the Schusterman Foundation’s “ROI Community” and the Jewish Women’s Federation of New York’s “The Collective,” and is a Wexner Field Fellow.  A passionate global citizen, she’s traveled to over 125 countries and has lived in five continents.