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Our Approach to Working with Teens

Youth in their teen years are asking some big questions; “What is my role in the world?” “In what ways am I powerful?“ and “How can I be helpful?”

At Urban Adamah, we design programs that help teens explore their own answers to those questions. We provide teens with leadership development and service learning opportunities, such as the Camp CIT and Intern program, and do a deep dive into power, identity, spirituality and personal growth through the Teen Fellowship Week.

We value experiential, hands-on learning. Teens learn skills including:

  • Teamwork and group leadership skills
  • Working with young children (Camp CIT and Interns)
  • Sustainable urban farming and sustainable technologies (building with natural materials, alternative energy systems)
  • Farm-to-table cooking
  • Crafting and wilderness survival skills (fire-making, shelter-building, basket weaving, felting, etc.)
  • Nonviolent communication and conflict resolution

At Urban Adamah we value cultural renewal and connection as a tool for building community. We weave Jewish story, song, and modern Jewish thought into our teen curriculum, and aim to build a Jewish culture on the farm that is accessible, meaningful, and highly relevant to what is on the hearts and minds of young folks today.