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What Parents and Campers Say About Camp Urban Adamah

“This was our first year doing Sprouts camp and our daughter loved every minute of it. She begged me to stay for aftercare because she was having such a great time. The camp leader and staff were all engaged, creative, kind and thoughtful. Really a high quality camp experience!”
—Hillary Curtis, camp parent


“You have an amazing group of people who work there, with a wide heart, and a lot of wisdom. We also value the urban farm, helping the children at camp, and community in general, re/connect with the land, food, and animals. We love the combination of Jewish values, weaving Judaism with environmental education, practicing Jewish values in action and by example. We love the open-ness and acceptance. You feel welcome from the moment you arrive in the morning. You’ve created a magical world at UA.”
—Alit Stark-Inbar, camp parent


“Urban Adamah is a magical experience where city kids can not only learn about the food and animals that we eat, but gain an appreciation for the gift of nature and the gift of community.”
—Katy Levin, camp parent


“It was really fun! My favorite part was planting. And I also liked that you do a lot of nice stuff like write in a journal about a special plant that you really like. And they have really nice counselors.”
—Gaby, 6-year-old camper


“We affectionately call Urban Adamah “Happy Jewish Farm Camp” in our family. Our girls learned so much, had a good time and enjoyed the whole experience. As parents, we appreciate that the environment and the programs are seamlessly including Jewish values and lessons into their growing hearts and minds. We also loved seeing the fun projects they did at camp (the pickles & butter came home) and the bicycle pesto was really good! Thanks Urban Adamah staff and counselors for another great experience for our family!”
—Idit Solomon, camp parent


“Our kids loved the connection to the earth and, importance of Jewish identity, and strong sense of loving, welcoming community.”
—Charlie Knox, camp parent


“Summer camp at Urban Adamah is a unique experience that has enriched my child’s life. She did hands-on activities such as tea making (including harvesting leaves, building a fire), making pancakes (including harvesting wheat and eggs, grinding ingredients and mixing, and cooking), acting in memorable plays (with instructional messages) that she gushed about at the end of each day. At pickup, she always had a big smile on her face from the fun she had throughout the day. We look forward to another week here!!”


“Urban Adamah was better than great for so many reasons, especially because the snack was super duper good every day—it was so cool to be able to help pick the vegetables and make the pizza!”
—Eli, 6-year-old camper


“She was in such a great mood every day after camp – I think the program makes her feel good and is good for her, even in ways she doesn’t admit or realize.”
—Meredith Milet, camp parent


“My daughter loves to come to camp at Urban Adamah. I feel great bringing her there, hearing the positive and inclusive counselors engage her, seeing the happy kids excited about the plants and animals. I especially love seeing it all come together at the end of the week shabbat celebration – food and drink harvested from the earth, made by the children in the spirit of community and gratitude. It’s a beautiful thing!”
—Susan Donaldson, camp parent


“From summer camps cosponsored with area synagogues to religious school programs that teach earth-based Judaism; from festivals that celebrate the harvest to partnerships with community organizations working for food justice: Urban Adamah is making an incredible impact on our East Bay Jewish community. Adam, his staff, and the UA fellows are spreading Torah through our community and teaching us about the wonders of a long over-looked sacred Jewish place…the farm.”
—–Rabbi Jim Brandt, CEO Jewish Federation of the Greater East Bay