Living in Community

Yoga fellows

Communal Living

Fellows live in shared housing we call Beit Adamah, or the Urban Adamah House, which is about a mile from the farm, in West Berkeley. Living communally is a rich opportunity to develop communication skills, appreciate differences, and resolve conflicts. The Urban Adamah staff supports this process through community-building exercises, regular meetings, and other practices.  Mutual trust and honest communication are cornerstones of the community.

Jewish Observance

At Urban Adamah we practice an inclusive and expansive approach to Jewish tradition. Fellows are invited to develop new, relevant and deeply personal, connections to their Judaism.

Urban Adamah welcomes individuals from all backgrounds and experiences of Jewish practice. For some fellows, Urban Adamah is their first exposure to Jewish tradition. Others have been part of Jewish educational settings and communities their entire lives. The program can accommodate most types of Jewish observance.

Learn more about how we do Jewish at Urban Adamah here.


The community house is vegetarian. Urban Adamah provides a food budget sufficient to purchase foodstuffs for the Urban Adamah house. Food responsibilities, as well as all household duties, are shared among fellows.

Drugs and Alcohol

Illegal drugs are not permitted during the Urban Adamah Fellowship nor are they permitted at Beit Adamah. Alcohol may not be consumed at Beit Adamah except for ritual purposes on Shabbat and other Jewish holidays, and if it is consumed at those times, it must be consumed responsibly.

Guest Policy

Fellows are welcome to invite guests to visit during the Fellowship. The Urban Adamah Guest Policy circumvents any potential conflict about guests that may cause tension and conflict within the house. You can view the guest policy here.