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“I know its sort of cliche to say, but the Urban Adamah fellowship was completely transformational for me.”– Naomi Stern, Spring 2014

Fellowship Fees

Program Fee: $800 – $2,800 (sliding scale)
Security Deposit: $75 (refundable)

2019 Fellowship Fee

At Urban Adamah we are working in many ways to respond to economic disparity that exists in our communities. Our hope is to make the Fellowship as accessible as possible, regardless of class background. Thanks to our program supporters, we are able to offer all of 2019 Fellowship seasons for a fee of $2,800. The fellowship fee covers food, housing and all program-related expenses.

We also have, however, need-based financial aid. You may apply for financial aid up to $2,000 (meaning, your fellowship fee could be as low as $800).

Please note that the actual cost of the Fellowship is roughly $15,000 per fellow. To cover these costs, close to 80% is raised from foundations and individuals; about 8% comes from farm visitor fees; and the remaining 12% represents what we ask fellows to pay.

So, what should you pay for the Fellowship?

On the Fellowship application, we will ask you what you can afford to pay to participate in the Fellowship. If you have personal or family resources that enable you to pay the full $2,800 fee, we ask you to do so. If $1,800 (the average we need to collect to make the program financially sustainable) is possible for you, please pay that. Other than this, please ask for what you need in financial aid (up to $2,000) to make the program work for you. We’ll do our best to accommodate you given our limited funds.

Payment Schedule

Upon acceptance, you are asked to pay the full program fee, which is due within two weeks of the date you accept a place in the program. We cannot reserve your place without the program fee. If you need to set up a payment plan you can be in touch with us directly about setting one up.

Security Deposit

If the house is cleaned to an acceptable level and there are no unreasonable damages to the property, your $75 security deposit will be fully refunded. Checks are mailed approximately one week after the end of the Fellowship.


If you cancel for any reason prior to six weeks before the start date of your Fellowship, you will receive a full refund minus the $600 deposit. If you cancel for any reason within six weeks of the start date of the Fellowship, there is no refund.