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Eric Antebi

Eric Antebi is director of communications for the California Health Care Foundation. He leads the team that uses data, stories, and solutions to make health care work for all Californians. He also oversees CHCF partnerships to support health journalism in California.

He came to the foundation after spending more than two decades using communications to make social change faster. Previously, Eric was a senior vice president at Fenton, where he led much of the agency’s work on branding, naming, messaging, and campaign design. In that role, he also served as a senior advisor to the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, helping to launch national programs to strengthen vulnerable children and families and to expand opportunities for young men of color. Before Fenton, Eric served as the national press secretary for the Sierra Club in their San Francisco headquarters and as the director of conservation policy and advocacy for the Appalachian Mountain Club in Boston. Eric is a graduate of Brown University.