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Carly Fishman

Creative & Marketing Manager
510.649.1595 x 113

Hi, I’m Carly : ) I am from the west side of the bottom half of Michigan — the top half is prettier — my focus in my work-life and my life-life is the overlap of visual communication and food systems. I have been farming for most of my life learning how food systems in the United States work and how we as people living here, interact with this food and these systems. I believe (deeply) that if we restructure the way we approach and think about food we could save our planet and its inhabitants. I have found that the tool of design can play a large role in this potential change. While my 9 – 5 is dedicated to working here at Urban Adamah my 5 – 9 is dedicated to working with other political and environmental organizations, such as the Re-Up Refill Shop. I spend time outside looking at people standing next to nature, just like you probably.