Weeds and Wild Edibles Workshop

Date & Time
September 17, 2017
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

[a fennel plant as seen from directly above]

Weeds and Wild Edibles

Come meander around Urban Adamah to meet the wild plants growing around us.  Powerful plants are growing up through the cracks of the sidewalks and along abandoned lots that have much to teach us about soil remediation, disturbed ecosystems, and our connection to earth.  We will learn about the medicinal, culinary, and historical properties of these plants. Go home with the tools to identify and harvest some tasty and nutritious wild edibles!

Please bring a notebook for note-taking, drawing, and collecting plant samples!

Tickets are $25 and these classes are limited to 25 people, so sign up today!

Instructor – Ellie Lobovits

These spring gardening classes are taught by veteran farmer turned urban plant cultivator, Ellie Lobovits. Ellie delights in teaching folks of all ages about the plant world, both wild and cultivated.  For six years, Ellie managed organic farms in the northeast, including Adamah, Urban Adamah’s sister program in Connecticut.