The Enneagram Revealed With Professor Deena Aranoff

Date & Time
August 23, 2017
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

The Enneagram Revealed With Professor Deena Aranoff

Have you ever heard of this thing called the Enneagram? While its roots are debated, it serves for many today as an extraordinary tool for self- awareness and positive change. Want to improve the quality of your relationships? Interested in insight that could inform your professional choices? Wondering how you could bring more joy and satisfaction into your life? The Enneagram opens doorways to understanding in deep and powerful ways.

Join us for a workshop that will provide an introduction to this unique system as well as explore of how to apply it in your life. The class will emphasize the ways in which knowing your “enneatype” can enable counter-intuitive and healing steps towards transformation.

Advance Ticket Purchase: $10
Purchase at Door: $15

About the Instructor -Deena Aranoff

Deena Aranoff is the faculty director of the Richard S. Dinner Center for Jewish studies at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley. She teaches rabbinic literature, medieval patterns of Jewish thought, as well as the broader question of continuity and change in Jewish history. Deena is also a certified yoga instructor and has been studying the enneagram for over ten years.