Herbal Medicine with Ellie

Date & Time
January 21, 2018
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Herbal Medicine with Ellie Lobovits

Learn with experienced herbalist Ellie Lobovits about the magical power of plants. From cough suppressants to arthritic relief, herbal medicine can provide antidotes to both acute and chronic conditions, given time. Herbal medicine is an ancient healing modality rooted in many cultures and seeks to heal underlying causes of disease and discomfort, rather than simply easing symptoms. We will discuss the healing properties of many plants found in our backyards and on the farm, and create tinctures to take home with us.

Tickets are $25, and class size is limited to 25 participants.

About the Instructor 

This herbal medicine class is taught by experienced herbalist, Ellie Lobovits. Ellie delights in teaching folks of all ages about the plant world, both wild and cultivated.  For six years, Ellie managed organic farms in the northeast, including Adamah, Urban Adamah’s sister program in Connecticut.