Facilities Assistant

Application Deadline: July 9, 2018
Start Date: August 1, 2018 or as soon as possible thereafter

This full job description is also available for download here. 

Urban Adamah is currently seeking a full time Facilities Assistant. The Facilities Assistant supports the Facilities Manager with general maintenance and site projects. This individual will be responsible for helping maintain a 2.2-acre organic community farm and education center. The campus includes approximately 1 acre of food production, extensive areas of perennial native plants, and the following buildings: administration building, community kitchen, community residence, bathhouse, and yurt; a retreat lodge will be built in 2018-19. The Facilities Assistant is supervised by the Site Manager.

This position includes the option of living on site in our new community residence. 


Note: This is not intended to be exhaustive but illustrative of the domains for which this position is responsible.


The Facilities Assistant is responsible for basic site maintenance needs including painting, basic plumbing, and building maintenance. The Facilities Assistant is responsible for keeping a detailed inventory of site tools and equipment. The position is also in charge of maintaining the tools, truck, and the materials and tool storage areas/sheds. The Facilities Assistant is responsible for site upkeep including bathroom tidies between professional cleanings, maintaining the refuse system for the site, and general site cleaning.


Assist the Site Manager to build infrastructure such as our animal housing/fencing, shop space buildout, garden shed, small structures etc. Assist in the maintenance, repair, and improvement of farm infrastructure and buildings including basic plumbing, irrigation, and electrical.


The Facilities Assistant works closely with the Site Manager as an assistant. The Facilities Assistant helps with administrative tasks such as maintaining expense reports, invoices, contracts, and materials sourcing. This position is responsible for the maintenance of a supply lists and sources materials as necessary.

Urban Adamah has a very lean staff. The Facilities Assistant may be occasionally asked to work in areas outside of the responsibilities described above. In addition, the Facilities Assistant will collaborate with other farm staff occasionally including the Farm Manager, Aquaponics Manager, and Farm Assistant.



We are looking for an individual with at least one year of full time work experience and with basic skills related to maintaining and making small repairs to building interiors and exteriors as well as hardscape features (paths, fences, gates, irrigation, etc.). It is required that the individual has held a clean U.S. driver’s license for at least 2 years and is comfortable driving a mid-size pickup truck. The individual must be able to push, pull, and lift at least 60 lbs.

Any of the following additional skill-sets are also helpful: electrical, framing, and plumbing. A high level of emotional maturity, strong communication skills, a consistent and strong work ethic, and a desire and willingness to learn are required. Proficient in basic computer skills including Word and Excel. This individual should also be in personal alignment with the mission of Urban Adamah, which is to use the tools of mindfulness, sustainable agriculture, social action and Jewish tradition to build loving, just, and sustainable communities.

Schedule: This is a full time position, generally Monday – Friday, 8:30 – 5:00 pm. Occasionally, the Facilities Assistant maybe asked to work on off hours, which may include weekends, but will maintain a schedule of no more than 40 hours in any given week. This is a non-exempt position.

Salary and Benefits: Annual salary is $35,360 ($17/hr). Benefits include paid time off (3 weeks first year and 4 weeks second year) health benefits (a silver tier Kaiser health plan for employee and 50% of premium for dependents), and other benefits defined in the Urban Adamah personnel code.

Option to reside on-site: On-site housing may be available by renting a room in our new community residence. If interested, please let us know in your application materials.

Questions: For questions about this position, please contact Matt at matt(at)urbanadamah.org

Application Submittal: The application requires you to submit the following:

  • Current resume with three references, at least two of which should be professional (submitted as a PDF)
  • Cover Letter explaining: your interest in the position, what you would bring to the position, where you see yourself professionally in 5 years, and whether you are interested in the residential option (no more than 1 page in length, submitted as a PDF)
  • (optional) 3-5 portfolio pieces or projects. If submitting these, please include date and your involvement in project/piece. Submit either JPEG or PDF files. 

Selection Process: The Facilities Assistant will begin work at Urban Adamah on August 1st or as soon as possible thereafter. Applications are due by end of the day July 9. Interviews will take place shortly after the application deadline.

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