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Our $15.5 Million Future: Planting Roots and Spreading Seeds

When we established Urban Adamah in 2011, we were given the generous gift (by Rich Robbins) of a free lease on an empty lot on Parker Street in West Berkeley. We knew at the time that the lease would expire at the end of 2015. In the fall of 2012, instead of looking for new land to lease, we began to consider the possibility of purchasing our own land so we wouldn’t have to pack up our farm and disrupt operations every few years. In July of 2013, we made the unbelievable discovery of a 2.2-acre parcel for sale in Northwest Berkeley that seemed like the ideal site for our work. The land abutted a restored creek and forest habitat, and was located near a bike path, public parks and ball fields. We envisioned a new home on the site that would double the size of our existing space and dramatically increase our impact in the community through the expansion of our food production and educational programs.

We launched a $2 million capital campaign that summer (Phase I) and by December had raised enough to purchase it.

We then began to raise the funds to develop the site – a Phase II $8.3 million campaign. To date, we have raised $7.5 million. Phase II elements include all site infrastructure, an administrative building, the main farm and multiple gardens, greenhouses, a large yurt, a bathhouse, a community residence and multiple additional program spaces. We are aiming to raise the remaining $800,000 by Fall of 2018.

When we close Phase II, we will launch a $5.2 million Phase III campaign, which will include an overnight retreat lodge that sleeps 46, a large community hall to replace our temporary tents, a barn with workshop and classroom space and an amphitheater. These elements will be developed separately, as funding is secured.

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With Your Support, We Can Grow

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Timeline, News and Updates

Past Timeline

October 2013: Zoning approval completed.
November 2013: Environmental reports on the new property completed. Read executive summaries of soil, water and air quality reports.
December 2013: Urban Adamah closes on the new property.
June 2014: Master plan for 6th Street Campus completed.
August 2015: Building permits for most of Phase II granted by the City of Berkeley.
September 2015: Broke ground on new site.
September 2016: Completed installation of yurt & administration building on 6th Street Campus.
October 2016: Completed all underground site infrastructure, grading, utilities, lighting, roads, main paths, planting areas, parking, etc. Moved entire operations from Parker Street to the new site.
January 2017: Completed installation of greenhouses, bath house, and all other minor farm and program infrastructure.
October 2017: Completed children’s garden, ADA paths, security features, internal fencing and additional landscaped areas.
January 2018: Completed main field.

Coming Up

Spring 2018: Complete construction of community kitchen and community residence.
Fall 2018: Break ground on residential retreat lodge (pending funding).