Urban Worm

Urban Worm, a project of Urban Adamah, provides worms and vermicompost to gardeners, nurseries, farmers and home worm composters throughout the United States.

Urban Worm is committed to providing the highest quality and healthiest red wigglers (eisenia fetida), along with nutrient-rich vermicompost straight from our worms to you.

Learn more about vermicompost, how to buy our worms (online and on location) and upcoming Worm Composting Workshops at www.urbanwormcomposting.org.

Upcoming Worm Composting Workshops

Once a month, Urban Worm provides a free worm composting workshop for the community. Composting with worms is a great way to discard all of your food scraps sustainably, get your kids excited about compost and make your own top-quality garden amendment, called castings. Worm composting is ideal for apartments and small yards—there’s no odor and no labor-intensive flipping or stirring. Learn to close the loop in your garden!

For more information visit Urban Worm’s web site.

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