V’ahavta/And You Shall Love: Yair Dalal & Dror Sinai in Concert

Date & Time
February 18, 2017
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Yair Dalal and Dror Sinai in Concert

Join Urban Adamah in partnership with JIMENA for an inspiring musical night with global musicians Yair Dalal and Dror Sinai. Enjoy the colorful sounds of the oud, violin and drums interwoven with the international influence of Middle Eastern and Jewish music.

Tickets are $15 online, $25 at the door.

“Rhythm is all around us, in everything we see, we touch, we breathe…  With rhythm, we shall achieve better communication and understanding among ourselves and all people: all people as one.”  ~ Dror Sinai

About the Musicians

Yair Dalal is a composer, violinist, oud player, singer, and a teacher. Dalal’s family came to Israel from Baghdad and his Iraqi roots are embedded in his musical work. Whether working on his own, or with his Alol ensemble, Dalal creates new Middle Eastern music by interweaving the traditions of Iraqi and Jewish Arabic music with a range of influences originating from such diverse cultural milieus as the Balkans to India. The evocative compositions comprise a unique and colorful sound.

Dror Sinai is  an international performer, educator, and performing artist, as well as the Founder of Rhythm Fusion, Inc. in Santa Cruz, California. He  has performed as a solo artist and has appeared in ensembles of many different musical styles. Dror has presented lectures, clinics, and workshops to diverse audiences, including Universities, schools, community gatherings, adults and children, and has taught both professionals and amateurs.