Shevat Levanah Moon Circle

Date & Time
January 14, 2013
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

For self-identified women and girls (ages 4 and up).

This is a family-friendly event and we encourage mothers and daughters to come together!

Shevat celebrates inner renewal and creative energy as we emerge from the darkness of winter, and mark the Jewish birthday of the trees, Tu B’Shevat. The time is ripe to begin cultivating and growing ourselves, our gardens and our community.

Join us for the Shevat Levanah Circle where we’ll spend the first hour enjoying our potluck dinner while making herbal tree-tea over a warm fire. We’ll offer sprouting and creative expression, then transition to fireside singing, storytelling and small-group sharing.

What to bring: A vegetarian dish to share, a bowl, spoon and mug for dinner and tea. Bring an extra layer to stay warm as the sun leaves the sky. If you’d like, bring your own camp chair too. And, as with all events that take place at the farm, please bring a canned food item for our food bank.

Mother/Daughter Pair: $10 advance, $15 at the door
Additional child: $5 advance, $8 at the door
Adult: $8 advance, $10 at the door



Adar- February 11 * Nisan- March 12 * Iyyar- April 10


Levanah (“moon” in Hebrew), a project of Urban Adamah and Wilderness Torah, aims to create an inclusive environment for all women and girls (ages 4 and up) to gather in celebration of each Jewish month. We encourage mothers and daughters, as well as individual women to join us. Our intergenerational community will share a potluck meal, engage in earth-skill-building workshops related to the lunar calendar and participate in small sharing circles. We will close each evening with stories and songs around an open fire.

Rosh Chodesh (“head of the month” in Hebrew) is the name for the first day of every month in the Jewish calendar, marked by the new moon. For centuries, Jewish women have been gathering during the new moon to celebrate the rhythms of their lives alongside the moon’s renewal. Levanah isn’t strictly a rosh chodesh community as some months we will experience the fullness of lunar energy by meeting on the full moon.

Levanah honors the ancient female ritual of gathering women around the phases of the moon, and takes it further. Inspired by Judaism’s earth-based teachings, we will engage in hands-on projects that offer tangible tools for living more sustainably and seasonally. From food preservation and cooking over a fire in Kislev (the month of Chanukah, Nov/Dec) and herbal medicine making in Iyar (the month of healing, April/May) to natural building and making gifts for our loved ones in Av (the month of summer love, July/Aug), each circle provides rich opportunities to acquire practical skills, forge new connections and spread deep heart-felt joy.

Levanah is lovingly brought to you by these three women:

LIZZIE BARON is a Wilderness Torah B’chootz Mentor and Urban Adamah Farm Educator. She lives to cultivate community centered on ecological, spiritual and personal sustainability and empowerment. She has done so teaching and living in several intentional communities across the US and in India. Since earning a degree in Contemplative Education in 2010, she has focused her work on developing earth-based Jewish community in New York and the East Bay. She loves to craft, dance, explore and share her passions in community.

AHRI GOLDEN is a professional photographer, an award-winning public radio documentarian and mother. She has been in the Berkeley Jewish community for over a decade and is raising her children in community. Ahri has co-created public radio documentary specials about birth and family life, and has facilitated gatherings of women nationwide to listen to excerpts of her work, and then discuss and share birth stories. In her personal life, she is passionate about creating intimate moments and experiences that cultivate a strong and secure community support system in which to grow and thrive. You can learn more about her work at

SARAI SHAPIRO is Wilderness Torah’s youth program coordinator. Sarai’s passion for fostering earth connection in children of all ages has led her to learn and work in the world of both Jewish and non-Jewish Nature-based education for over 6 years. She has co-created nature-based girls programs for wilderness schools, created a Girl’s Rosh Chodesh Group, has directed the Coming-of-Age B’nai Mitzvah & Teen Programs at the Aleph Kallah since 2007 and currently is co-creating nature-based curriculum for Jewish coming-of-age girls.