Home-Scale Aquaponics

Date & Time
October 20, 2013
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm

aquaponics 2

In partnership with the Oakland Institute of Urban Homesteading, Urban Adamah will host an in-depth look into the theory and practice of home-scale aquaponics. Learn how you can raise fish and plants together in a symbiotic relationship. With an established functional system as our guide, we’ll discover how it all works: including types of fish and plants well-suited for systems, options for assembling your own home system from readily available materials, and troubleshooting.

Workshop fee: $35-$60 per person (sliding scale)

Registration for this event is through the Oakland Institute of Urban Homesteading. On their registration form, please list the name of the class as “Home-Scale Aquaponics” and indicate the amount you wish to pay.

Register now.

As with every Urban Adamah event, please bring a canned good to donate to our food bank. Thanks for your support!