Urban Adamah’s campus is fully compliant with ADA guidelines. All program spaces are wheelchair accessible. Most paths on the site are made of Decomposed Granite (DG) which supports wheelchairs well except when there is heavy rain.

Measures are now underway to make most agricultural and animal areas also accessible to all visitors. In the meantime, details regarding what is currently accessible can be found below.

We welcome suggestions about how we might make our site and programs universally accessible.


Urban Adamah’s main parking lot has one wheelchair accessible parking space.


Indoor Program Spaces
Urban Adamah’s indoor program spaces, our tent and yurt, easily accommodate wheelchairs. We are happy to reserve space for wheelchairs either near the entrance or near the front row, depending on set-up. To reserve a wheelchair space, please send us a message by clicking here. Both spaces have heat. The yurt and main tent have low, ambient lightening and feature foldable chairs for seating. The yurt also has floor cushions for seating.


Outdoor Program Spaces

Outdoor Gather Area adjacent to main tent- Wheelchair accessible DG surface. In full sun, several benches for seating.

Shaded Gather Area – Ground cover of wood chips – works for some but not all wheelchairs.

Program Field – Ground surface is artificial lawn on a gravel base. Wheelchair accessible. Full sun, several benches for seating.


Urban Adamah has four fully accessible public restrooms.

All gender bathroom and individual/family bathroom: located on the Northeast side of our office building and can be accessed in wheelchairs via the DG and concrete path that wraps around the East side of the building.

Men’s room and Women’s room: located in the bathhouse, adjacent to the yurt. Both have a wheelchair accessible toilet and shower.


Agricultural Spaces
The orchard where the chickens roam and the greenhouses are wheelchair accessible. The goat pen sits roughly 6 feet from the DG pathway. The chicken coop is roughly 20 feet from the DG pathway. There are wheelchair accessible raised beds in the children’s garden and more are in the planning stage for the main farm field.


Urban Adamah’s office is wheelchair accessible. A concrete pathway leads from the parking lot, around the West side of the building, to a DG path and then a concrete ramp that leads to our main door on the South side of the building.


Urban Adamah’s parking lot is fully lit at night, and all DG pathways are lined with lights. Our outdoor lighting is intentionally not bright to maintain an evening/nightime ambience after sunset.


Urban Adamah does not currently have a scent-free policy. We use all natural soaps, some of which contain essential oils. If you have chemical sensitivities and would like us to advertise an event as scent-free, please click here to send us a message.


Service Animals
Service animals required for safety are welcome everywhere on campus except within 10 feet of the goats and chickens. However, they should be kept on leash within 10 feet of their owner and not be permitted to run freeNon-service animals are not permitted to the farm for safety and health reasons.


Quiet Zone: Many of our programs can have a high degree of sensory stimulation and holiday celebration and musical events particularly often draw large numbers of people. There usually are, however, quiet places on the farm (such as the dry creek beds), though some of these are not wheelchair accessible. The pedestrian pathway along Codornices Creek on the northern border of our site is also usually a quiet area; feel free to leave the path and wander around the creek. If you plan to attend a program and would like to request that we make an indoor quiet zone available, please click here to send us a message or call our Administrative Assistant at 510-649-1595 ext. 101. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.


If you have any accessibility related questions, concerns, or suggestions, please click here to send us a message or call our Administrative Assistant at 510-649-1595 ext. 101.

If you would like to bring a specific group with special needs to Urban Adamah, we would be happy to explore how we can adapt our programs to meet the needs of group members. Please click here to send us a message or call our Administrative Assistant at 510-649-1595 ext. 101.