Social Justice Allies

Since its inaugural season in 2011, Urban Adamah fellows have been volunteering weekly at local school gardens, urban farms, and social justice organizations. All internships are within biking distance from the fellows’ residence. Our community partners, past and present, are listed below.


                                          Richmond College Prep

Past Partners Include

Berkeley High School

Berkeley Youth Alternatives

Cooking Matters

King Elementary

Malcolm X Elementary


Phat Beets Produce

Rosa Parks Elementary School


Urban Adamah plays a crucial role in the ecology of the food justice movement of the East Bay. Not only is their farm site in West Berkeley is a hub of food production and community engagement but are the internship hours their fellows provide to our organization and other’s like ours, are invaluable. Each week, three Urban Adamah Fellows fellows travel by bicycle to West Oakland, where they work alongside City Slicker Farms staff and community members to transform this community. We plant seeds at community market farms, construct planter boxes from recycled lumber for backyard gardens, help with organic pest control, turn compost, care for chickens, and so much more. Our work is profoundly strengthened by the support of Urban Adamah.

Julie Pavuk Operations Manager | City Slicker Farms |Oakland, CA 


Our clinic’s partnership with Urban Adamah has been of tremendous benefit to our patients, many of whom do not have access to fresh food that they can afford.  Approximately 25 families receive produce and eggs donated by Urban Adamah each week.  Every Tuesday morning at least 10 people are lined up in our waiting room by the time the produce arrives; many of them plan their weekly meals around this food. 

Our Urban Adamah fellows recently facilitated a six-week gardening class for our patients.  Some told us that they had never been to a garden before. Several mothers shared that they were grateful to have an opportunity to do something active in a safe space for their small children.  Even the staff has benefited from our partnership: last month the clinic’s supervisors had a tour of the farm and came back very enthusiastic about continuing to work with Urban Adamah.  We wish every community had a farm like Urban Adamah! 

Ariana Jostad-Laswell | Lifelong Medical Care | Berkeley, CA


I absolutely loved working in the garden at the People’s Grocery.  I valued being in a place that was such a stark contrast to every other part of my life, and deeply enjoyed connecting with the staff, volunteers and local residents. Thank you Max for integrating us so well into your work and the community!

Rachael Graber, Fall 2011

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