Core Supporters

Thank You to Our Capital Campaign Core Supporters


Adam Berman and Deena Aranoff
Adam and Elana Naftalin-Kelman
Adam Weisberg and Rachel Brodie
Adrienne Leder-Schriner and Kyle Schriner
Aileen Frankel
Albert L. Schultz & Janel A. Schultz Supporting Foundation
Amnon and Katie Rodan
Amy and Mort Friedkin
April and Dave Parker Hersh
Barry and Deb Cohn
Bella and Ronald Barany
Beller Moses Family Foundation
Bernard Osher Jewish Philanthropies Foundation
Bill and Susan Epstein
The Block Family
Brent Wiblin
Bonnie Roditti
Brian Lurie
Cari Kojima
Center for Sustainable Stewardship
Charlie and Lanie Linker
Chaya Family Fund
Christopher Barbour
Chuck Adams and Dena Belzer
Claudia and Rick Felson
Daniel Kahn
Damon Levy and Katherine Horner
Daniel Langenthal
David Berman
David Klein Jr. Fund
David Miller
David B. Gold Foundation
Denne Goldstein
Diane and Howard Zack
Dick Berman
Dorot Foundation
Dorothy Richman and Michael Steinman
Eileen and Rob Ruby
Elizabeth Friedman Branoff and Steven Branoff
Ellen and Craig Whittom
Elliott and Suzanne Felson
Eric Antebi and Marla Kolman Antebi
Frances Dinkelspiel
Fred Isaac and Robin Reiner
Fred and Trisha Margulies
Friend Family Foundation
Friends of Big East Fork, Nashville
Gaia Fund
Gale Mondry and Bruce Cohen
Gary and Lois Marcus
Gerson and Barbara Bakar
The Goldmiller Family
Greg VanMechelen
Harry and Carol Saal
Herschel and Judy Langenthal
Howard Metzenberg
Ilana Gauss
Inavale Foundation
Jack Newman
The James Irvine Foundation
Janet Traub
Jen Traeger and Adam Hirschfelder
Jennifer and Abe Friedman Family Philanthropic Fund
Jennifer Webber
Jewish Community Federation of the Greater East Bay
Jewish Funders Network
Jim and Cathy Koshland
JNM Consulting
John and Pat Allen
John and Marcia Goldman Foundation
John Gertz and Susan Berger
Josh Langenthal and Diane Halberg
Katy and Clay Levit
Koret Foundation
Laura and Gary Lauder
Leichtag Foundation
Lisa and Douglas Goldman Fund
Mark Jacobs and Daniel Barash
Margie Jacobs and Andy Seplow
Marc Sarosi and Lily Kanter
Marilyn Paul
Menashe Bernstein and Evelyn Zebker
Maxim Schrogen
Michael and Martha Adler
Michael and Julie Saxe-Taller
Micki Miller
Mimi Gauss
Mindy Greenberg and Sandy Jensen
Miriam Stampfer
Morningstar Philanthropic Fund
Moses and Susan Libitzky
Nancy and Norman Price
Nathan and Anne Petrowsky
Nina Kaufman and Dan Kaplan
Noah and Hope Alper
Norman and Carol Traeger
The Opaline Fund
Pamela Burdman
Peter Buckley
Peter Stroh
Pritzker Foundation
Rachel and David Biale
Randy Goldstein
Ray Lifchez
Rebecca Weaver
Rich Robinson
Rita and Aaron Berman
Robert Carroll
Robert and Naomi Odenkirk
Rockridge Geotechnical
Russ Pratt
Sandy and Jean Colen
The Scott Seligman Family Foundation
Seth and Sharon Leslie
Sharon and Ari Wallach
Solomon Weingarten
Sue Reinhold and Deborah Newbrun
Susan Berrin
Susan and Richard Seeley
Tanir Ami and Josh Konecky
Terry and Stephen Friedkin
Terry Stein and John Ruark
The Giving Circle
Theda Haber and Kathy Khuner
Walter and Elise Haas Foundation
Wayne and Amy Gould
Whole Foods Market